Terms & Conditions

1. Terms & Conditions

Our company strives to provide exceptional academic assistance to students to help them succeed in their careers. We uphold the values of respect, honesty, and ethical conduct in our interactions with clients, and strive to provide services that meet their needs. Our terms and conditions outline the guidelines for our services.

  • The customers must provide login credentials to our experts via secure channels such as duo push app, text message or email forwarder to enable them to access their LMS portals. Failure to provide the credentials by the clients would result in the company not being responsible for errors in work quality arising from the unavailability of book/lecture access.
  • Clients are encouraged to consult with an expert from our company before committing for any project with tight deadlines. This allows our consultants to carefully review the order details and allocate appropriate resources to complete the work. We prioritize providing high-quality services to our clients, which may require additional time to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • The company and its staff strictly refrain from any in-person communication or appearances, including sharing any audio, photo, or video. Additionally, the company cannot be held responsible for submitting any work directly to academic institutions.
  • The company and its experts cannot be held responsible for any missed or delayed exams if the customer has not informed us or availed our exam notes services. We also cannot be held liable if the client fails to attend or complete an exam due to reasons such as lack of resources, incorrect personal information, incorrect institute names, incorrect login credentials, incorrect course materials or insufficient internet speed which is 50 Mbps.
  • The company would not be responsible for any technical issues encountered by the client during exams including software/hardware, electronics, email, phone, network, internet, or computer problems. The company is only responsible for providing exam preparation services to its clients.
  • Clients are requested to keep the support team informed of their travel plans and to provide them with login details and submission deadlines. It is recommended that customers stay in touch with the support team via chat to stay updated on the progress of their orders while traveling.
  • All urgent deadlines must be confirmed with a consultant before placing a new order or submitting any pending work. Orders placed on Fridays will not be processed until the next working Monday.
  • Customers are required to provide the necessary textbooks for their course completion. If they are unable to do so, they may share a soft or electronic copy of the book, or the company may purchase it on their behalf if it is available online.
  • The company would charge extra for purchasing textbooks if they are not available online. If the textbook is only available in a printable form, customers are expected to scan specific pages and provide images upon request. However, if customers fail to provide the necessary materials, the company or its experts cannot be held responsible for subpar work quality.